Souls Day Out

Today we drove down to Oval in London to where Auntie Gem and Uncle Phil live. They live in a flat very high up so you can see the Shard and lots of London from their balcony – well if you’re tall you can.

Nana Nadz and Grandpa Gaz came along and we had a nice meal with bubbly drinks (that you can’t have yet). This photo shows how miffed you were being excluded from the Presecco stuff.

Nevertheless you played with about five balls and enjoyed seeing them bounce down the stairs. Which was a bit of a nuisance for Uncle Phil. But you had fun, Lily! After this, we went to the local park and had a play. Except Mama and Dada were very embarrassing. As usual.

Uncle Phil and Auntie Gem Gem even got in on the action. Kids today. Really!

And Nana Nadz even went on a swing! Lily, you couldn’t believe it. This Soul family is mad.

Thankfully you seemed to grow tall, very quickly, and fled the scene with ease…

Life is a Walk in the Park (Part 2)

So here’s another update of all the fantastic walking and playing you have been doing out and about over the last couple of months. There are soooo many pictures. Here are some of the best.

1) Here you are in your Sunday best in Cassiobury park this week. Dada got you some new sandals and a new hat. The sandals were a bit big but that’s room to grow into. It didn’t stop you playing football. You’ve just learned to kick the ball. Maybe you’ll be in the women’s World Cup one day (it’s just started on TV today)

2) Here’s another example of you striding off through Cassiobury park. Sometimes you are trouble when you decide to walk off in the opposite direction to Dada. Sometimes you decide to walk off into the tall grass. But, hey, you’re free!

Sometimes you just walk off into the distance. What did Dada do wrong? Hey? (You look so mini next to that tree…)

3) Here you are chasing the ducks. You didn’t really understand that by chasing them they would run away. Quack! Quack! Or Bap Bap, as you say!

4) It’s so much fun to walk off across the hills. Dada likes you to roam. Occasionally you’ll help Dada push your pushchair, but mostly you love squealing with delight as you toddle off across the fields, holding your pink cup of course.

5) Even in St Alban’s, by the cathedral, you just loved wading off across the grass, even in the rain. Such a grin! Such a good time!

You deserve to have the best time outside, little Lily! And Dada loves walking around with you too. Xxx

Playgroup with Dada

You’ve been to playgroups with Nenny and Mama, but on Wednesday Dada took you to a new one in the centre of Watford. At a place called The Barn opposite the Palace Theatre. Ohhh! It was very fun!

Here you are going straight for a little scooter. You love pushing things along and pretending your driving around, very seriously.

Unfortunately Dada was very embarrassing and decided to take photos of you. As you can see in this picture. (You’re still learning about mirrors).

You quickly got stuck in… And went for the plastic food, which you tried to eat. Your favourite activity was to push around the shopping trolley, or even carry it out… everywhere…

For some reason you kept going for the corn on the cob. Thankfully we stopped that and went to whacking playdough, before you chucked it on the floor (you still like throwing everything on the floor).

Then you discovered the step up to the sand pit. You love going up and down steps. You’re mastering it at the moment. So you were up and down looking at and poking the sand with a spade or two. At one point a boisterous little girl threw sand everywhere, but you took it in your stride.

After this, you decided to take a break and just sat down for a breather. Very wise, Lily. Good girl.

At the end of the session all the babies and toddlers and rascals got together in a circle and sang songs while tugging at a sheet for effect. Then everyone was given a teddy to throw into the circle. Except you threw in your pink cup. Such a mischief.

But that’s why Dada loves you.

Life is a Walk in the Park (Part 1)

In the last couple of months you have become more and more confident on your feet. You love walking around in the parks and playing in playgrounds. So here is the first part of a round up of all these times from the last couple of months. Because life is walk in the park for you now, little Lily.

1) Playing in the pub grounds of ‘The Boot’ in Sarrat with mama, dada, Nana Nadz and Grandpa Gaz. You loved the swings and a little springing rocking horse…

2) With Auntie Claire and mama you love lying back in the swing…

3) You love waddling about meadows and picking daisies and daffodils. Your hat is lovely. Thankfully you’ve stopped pulling it off! Here you are with Nenny in the background…

4) Going round and round with Nana Karen and Dada…

The Science Museum

Yesterday we went on the tube into London to take you to the Science Museum. You found the tube a bit strange and watched as doors slid open and closed. It could be very noisy too! Thankfully you’ll learning to sit in a seat…

People on the tube smiled at you and enjoyed your company. We got to the Science Museum in Kensington and took you to ‘The Garden’ where there were lots of materials and sensory things to play with. You loved these metal springs…

You also played with some boats in some water, although other children were quite boisterous and were splashing around you…

You also discovered someone who looked very much like you! Who is that there…

There were lots of shiny lights and patterns and projections. It was quite bewildering!

When we left the museum we saw some violinists busking and playing ‘Game of Thrones’ music. You enjoyed that very much…

A performance just for you!


Today we took you swimming at Watford Leisure Centre! You haven’t really been since we saw Nana Karen in Spain last August. So here you. You were a bit worried at first, Lily, but then you relaxed a bit and made a few giggles when we span you around.You got a bit chilly at points and spluttered in the water. But we think if we take you each week you’ll get much more confident!